Divinity Original Sin an Enhanced Edition: First Impressions

Divinity Original Sin an Enhanced Edition By: Games Archeologist For: Gamers Pantheon Today we are going to take a first impressions look at Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition (EE) Divinity OS EE is a role playing game made by Larian Studios published by Focus Home Interactive. Divinity was released on PC on June 30th 2014 … More Divinity Original Sin an Enhanced Edition: First Impressions

Nintendo: Mobile Gaming

Last night, American time, in Japan, Nintendo unveiled their first mobile game. The game is called Miitomo (Tomo is “friend” in Japanese). According to the “Wall Street Journal,” Nintendo says the app is best for those reluctant to talk about themselves. This app will be used with Nintendo’s new service, My Nintendo; a way to … More Nintendo: Mobile Gaming

Gaymer 2.0: Birdo

Birdo  So, let’s talk about Birdo: the egg-spitting pink gal that showed herself to us first in Super Mario Bros. 2 Birdo, according to the manual of the game ‘ is a boy, who believes that he is a girl, and would rather be referred to as “Birdetta”’ Technically, this does not mean that Birdo … More Gaymer 2.0: Birdo