Getting to know Brandon

My name is Brandon Whaley. I’ve been gaming as long as I can recall. My earliest memories are of Duck Hunt at my cousin’s house. I really came into my own when I bought The Legend of Zelda and Kirby’s Adventure on NES. These are the games to which I contribute my love of the medium. Platformers are my drug of choice, though once I received a PlayStation from a friend as a gift, I began to dive into RPGs as well, starting with Final Fantasy IX, and have loved them ever since.


I currently work in the transportation field, and will be going back to school for an IT degree. I am married with 3 beautiful little girls, none of which share my love for games. I forgive them.


Side interests include drawing, singing, college football (War Eagle), anime, and comics. I’m a huge fan of the Flash and Silver Surfer. I am always up for a discussion of Back to the Future or Star Wars.

I hope my time here will be enjoyable for all involved!

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