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Greetings readers, I’m the Games Archeologist, Cliff, I enjoy gaming and gaming culture. One of my passions is finding games that have been forgotten in old flea markets, swap meets, and garage sales and taking those games and once again enjoying them and sharing that experience with my daughter who is much the same age I was when I discovered gaming. It’s not only retro games that I enjoy; I very much enjoy the latest releases on the current gen consoles. The genre where I feel at home and where I spend a lot of my gaming time is the role playing genre. I enjoy everything from tabletop role playing games such as AD&D to classic RPG’s right up to anticipating the Fallout 4 release.  


  I would love to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you, bring some discussion to the gaming community, as well as get a chance to hear your thoughts. So remember to join myself and my fellow wonderful writers at Gamer Pantheon.  Let’s celebrate gaming and all that we love together.


Game On!!

The Games Archeologist

Gamer Pantheon

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