Meet the Man from Down Under

Hey, I’m Josh Bucton, been playing video games since I was young, bought my first PlayStation when I was around 10 year’s old; remember playing lots of Crash Bandicoot, Soul Blade, good ol’ AFL ’99 and the Gran Turismo iterations with family, many fond memories.


Since then, I have played across systems; owning all of the PlayStation’s to date (except Vita), an Xbox 360 and currently delving into PC slowly as well. In recent years the Assassin’s Creed series has become a personal favourite, along with BioShock & Far Cry, and Grand Theft Auto(s). Also getting into Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls and Fallout Series’. Has also been far too long since I played a solid racing title, patiently waiting to see what may be instore for Gran Turismo 7, but the inclusion of the Australian V8 Supercar’s and tracks has me very interested in Forza 6. One of my favourite Franchises would be Assassins Creed, as my Partner and I have spent many hours following the very-well-crafted storyline, while also laughing at many of Ezio’s cheeky and charismatic one liners. I’ve found I tend to mostly play games with a solid storyline that I know I will be able to invest many hours in, both wandering around playing side things, and the progressive story. While every now and then sinking my teeth into Battlefield 4 or EA Sports UFC for some fast paced action.


I am also a passionate sports fan, originally from Victoria; in Southern Australia, I follow North Melbourne Football Club “The Kangaroos”, in the Australian Football League (AFL). I also enjoy English Premier League and NBA games when I get the chance to watch them, but don’t have particular team, yet. I would love to see a major release for an AFL game, but well aware it’s most likely a rather small market here in Aus, compared with the worldwide audience of the NBA and FIFA franchises.


For the coming years of this new generation of consoles, plus my mentioned interest in PC, I am looking forward to the many exclusive titles coming from the many Sony Studios, especially Horizon: Zero Dawn. When I do invest in an Xbox One, aside from the above mentioning of Forza 6, I would like to try out Halo and form my own feeling for it, and Quantum Break looks amazing! Following on from that, as I get closer to affording my next system upgrade for the PC, I plan to finish Skyrim and the Fallouts, all giving the eventual main television upgrade a really good purpose too!

Following on from the games, the technology being developed in HoloLens and PlayStation VR also looks quite interesting, hopefully rolled out properly and not hastily however…

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