The One and Only, Tyler

Hello gamers, it is the one and only, Tyler! I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. I have literally lived through the evolution of gaming from pixilated 80s and 90s games to the 1080p we all love today. I have been blessed with two kids who also seem to share my passion for gaming. I can only hope they are granted the Cheetos stained fingers and Mountain Dew highs I had as a child going on my weekend gaming binges.


I hope to bring to you guys the reviews of retro to modern that helps you broaden your horizons in gaming to help you find new and exciting games that you may not know existed or gave a second look. We here at Gamers Pantheon will make it our mission to provide our readers the information that the Gods themselves seek. So don’t hesitate and join our family.

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