Star Wars Overload

So, unless you’ve lived under a rock or your mom hates you, you know of Star Wars Episode VII & Star Wars Battlefront. The Beta for the game was finished late last week by Bradley and we will have a “first impressions” article up today, but this article is for me to geek out about the trailer!!!!

I like several other people didn’t enjoy the prequels as much as the original trilogy, however, I didn’t mind the movies. They were fun to watch, and the transformation from Anakin to Vader was done well. However, last night during the Eagles v. Giants MNF game, which great job by Disney to get geeks to chime into a game for a small amount of time, the 2:35 long trailer was given to the world, and boy did we go on a ride!

“It’s true, all of it. The Dark side, the Jedi, they’re real.” Enjoy that ride here, and tell us what you think.

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