That Extra Dollar

By: Games Archeologist


As we enter the holiday gaming season and we all reach for our wallets the money we look to get an enjoyable gaming experience and a value for our dollar. When taking a look at the holiday release schedule it’s not hard to see the bevy of pre-order bonuses, special editions, collector’s editions and season passes. This is just an example of the extent the madness has gotten.

"watchdog bonuses/preorders"
“watchdog bonuses/preorders”

  It seems as if the pre-order bonuses, microtransactions and season passes are ever becoming the focus even before the game is released so how do you wade through all of this and make your purchasing choices.


It raised a few eyebrows lately when Bethesda announced the Fallout 4 season pass price of 40$ we have become so desensitized to these things even though Bethesda has a good track record with dlc expansions not many took to more than a passing conversation about it. Even more recently the new Deus Ex game made a bold and some would say over the line dlc/pre-order campaign based on global pre-orders promising the game four days early if certain goals were meet. Thankfully that campaign was taken down after vigorous community push back. Furthermore in MGSV: The Phantom Pain including multiplayer microtransactions and even a “base insurance” plan you would pay monthly just like regular home owners insurance premiums!   Its things like this that is an indicator that the gamer has to make more decisions beyond just what game to buy. It’s about voting with your wallet and making your voice heard.

"Why sit through this?"
“Why sit through this?”

In today’s gaming market you must take pre order bonuses, season passes etc. etc. into consideration and even the track record of the developer who is offering up these things.

Do you believe this is just a passing trend or a clarion call for more season passes and microtransactions in AAA releases therefore muddying the ever evolving games market and consumer confidence.

"The King of Season Passes"
“The King of Season Passes”

Are you ready to navigate the holiday gaming market what are some strategies you plan to  use and how do you gauge and decide when and what to buy among the many games and many offerings let us know sound off in the comments or on our Facebook page at Gamer Pantheon or on Twitter @gamer_pantheon

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