Xeodrifter: The Review



Pros: well done sprite graphics, tight controls during gameplay

Cons: enemy variation, unimaginative boss design

Today we’re going to take a look at Xeodrifter which is a 2-D action platformer that borrows heavily from metroidvania like games from the eight and sixteen bit era. Xeodrifter was developed by Renegade Kid and made its debut in December of 2014 and more recently made its way to PlayStation 4. The story what little there is follows a stranded astronaut on an interstellar pick-a-part to repair is doomed spaceship. Throughout the game that’s the entire story the player is given and these style games generally are not as much story driven as gameplay driven. The games pixel art style fits with its retro look.

XD Gameplay

The game features rich colors and enemy design as few variations of as may be. In your travels to various planets you will collect power ups and abilities that are needed to progress further into each level. As with many metroidvania games your progress is dependent on obtaining a specific power up or skill so be ready to do some backtracking over the four planets you spend your time with during the game. In the game’s favor the controls are tight and I didn’t experience and trouble in that department. One area that I felt did suffer was enemy variation but it was not a major hamper to the overall game. I was let down by the boss fights without spoiling to much get used to the boss he will be with you for a while. With all that being said I can say I enjoyed my time with Xeodrifter and I’m looking forward to what Renegade Kid can bring to the table with their next title. Ultimately taking things into consideration including fun factor I’m giving Xeodrifter 75%.


By: Games Archeologist

For: Gamers Pantheon

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