Gaming on a Budget: Bound by Flame

Gaming on a budget

By: Games Archeologist

For: Gamer Pantheon

GoB Wallet

Greetings fellow gamers today I would like to introduce a new article series here on Gamer Pantheon called gaming on a budget. Let’s face it with past gen systems nearing their end and the high cost of buying a current gen console, games being released at an ever increasing pace, internet and the rising cost of living; our wallets are being pinched. In these articles Gamers Pantheon would like to bring to your attention games that won’t break the bank, but should bring you hours of enjoyment on a budget.

My first entry I would like to bring to your attention is Bound by Flame a 2014 cross-gen release developed by Spiders Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive.

Bound by Flame is an action RPG that offers solid gameplay and a good amount of content. Its launch timing may have not been the best as the PS4 & X1 and their huge titles were front and center. If you are looking for a good game that offers a sizable chunk of content for your buck pick up Bound by Flame. It comes in at a good amount of hours of gaming, and is a solid game.



Budget: 12-18$ range

Title: Bound by Flame

Spider Studios/ Focus Home Interactive

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