PS4 System Update 3.10

PlayStation 4

System update 3.10

By: Games Archeologist

For: Gamers Pantheon


PlayStation 4 gamers were treated to system software update 3.10. While not a massive update it did bring a few new features.


One of the main features Sony rolled out was the ability to follow

verified developers without needing to add them to your friends list. A few of the ones to note were.

  • Shuhei Yoshida ( President Sony Worldwide)
  • Adam Boyes ( VP of Publisher & Developer a Relations)
  • The Frannifer (PlayStation Plus Community Coordinator )
  • Neil Druckmann (Naughty Dog Director)

These are but a few of the many we see as an ever growing list.

Finally last but not least more stickers were added to the PS4 messenger, we know you have been anticipating those.

For all things PlayStation stay tuned to Gamers Pantheon


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