Wasteland 2: First Impressions Video

Wasteland 2:Directors Cut
Developed by inXile entertainment
Published by: Deep Silver

Wasteland 2: Directors Cut
First Impressions
Today console players on Xbox One & PS4 were treated to a new game that being Wasteland 2 Directors Cut the spiritual successor to the original Wasteland game and Fallout.  Wasteland 2 was developed by inXile entertainment and published by Deep Silver however it was spurred on by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Wasteland 2 is a RPG at heart and one that harkened back to the great days or CRPG’s with its isometric view and turn based combat. The battles are laid out in a grid with each character given a certain number of action points with which to move and attack the enemy.

Battle System
Battle System

The grid and turn based battle system work well with the camera working fine so far. The controls are intuitive and navigating the menus is a breeze once done a few times. The RPG elements are very deep with a large amount of character/party builds to suit your play style.  The graphics are presented well with sharp colors, detailed areas, and characters but given the isometric camera view graphics are not on center stage. That’s the game play of which with my limited time as of yet is great and most RPG and CRPG fans settling right in.

The voice acting is a bright spot with well-done characters and good dialog. The music is an ambient affair with good sound effects to accompany the music that sets the post-apocalyptic tone.

Your Fellow Rangers
Your Fellow Rangers

So far I will say I have enjoyed my time with Wasteland 2 and look forward to bringing you a more detailed final review very soon.

Games Archeologist
For: Gamer Pantheon

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