Ubisoft is playing an old hand…

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Well it would seem that Ubisoft is taking a hand from its old play book, and hell it seems as though more and more developers are pulling from their deck. It just recently came out, during questioning of Rainbow Six Siege Animation Director, Scott Mitchell, by YouTube heavy hitter Joe Vargas better known as “Angry Joe.”

This slip most likely was not intended because when pressed further Mitchell said he was unable to speak further on the topic. When we take a look at how the game is being sold the standard version $59.99, an ever popular nowadays gold edition setting you back $89.99 and then the collector’s edition for a cool $149.99. It was revealed some time back that the game would not feature a single player campaign.

Rainbow Seige

Are you gamers really shocked? This isn’t just a Ubisoft trend but an industry wide move, so what is your take on it, are you looking forward to Rainbow Six Siege but not looking forward to being nickel and dimed by dlc or maybe you don’t mind buying your way through a game to get a little edge.

Sound off in the comments section and one of your comments could be featured in a future article on this topic.


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