Snag or Gag: Wonder Boy in Monster World


By: Games Archeologist

For: Gamer Pantheon

Wonder Boy

In this Snag or Gag we are taking a look at Wonder Boy in Monster World.  Wonder Boy was developed by Westone published by Sega and released on October 25, 1991 for the Sega Genesis.

Wonder Boy in Monster World is a side-scrolling action RPG and is the fifth instalment in the Wonder Boy series. This entry has you playing as Shion on a heroic adventure to save Monster World from the diabolical BioMeka. The side scrolling portion and controls of the game are good and well implemented. The action RPG events feel similar to those in the action adventure series Legend of Zelda on the competing Nintendo console.

Throughout the game you collect coins upgrade your armor, weapons and life bar or good old school hearts, speaking with townsfolk and adding new magic spells and all sorts of cool things to your world saving arsenal. The game has great boss design and can be somewhat challenging, although nothing unreasonable that a little time honing your skills or upgrading your spells and equipment can’t handle. The sound and graphics are wonderful on the Sega Genesis with a wonderful art style and vibrant colors.

Wonder Boy 3

The sound is great 16-bit music that works well in the context of the game. You can find this game fairly easy and it won’t break the bank. If you love games from the golden era of the 16-bit generation and are looking for a fun unique game series to get into Wonder Boy in Monster World is a sure SNAG.


Wordier Boy in Monster World

were also made available on: Turbo Duo, Virtual Console, PlayStation Network & Xbox Live Arcade

Wonder Boy2


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