Divinity Original Sin an Enhanced Edition: First Impressions

Divinity Original Sin an Enhanced Edition

By: Games Archeologist

For: Gamers Pantheon

Today we are going to take a first impressions look at Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition (EE)


Divinity OS EE is a role playing game made by Larian Studios published by Focus Home Interactive. Divinity was released on PC on June 30th 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The game enjoyed great success and reviews and was now released on PS4 and Xbox One as the enhanced edition. This edition brings tweaks to gameplay mechanics, voice acting to text dialog that had none in the base game and much more.

At its core Divinity OS EE is a turn based role playing game that harkens back to the glory days or computer role playing games. The story of Divinity OS follows a team of source hunters who are tasked with seeking out dangerous magic and reining it in. There are a lot of typical fantasy elements that are presented here but they are well done and the extraordinary amount of side quests and side story is something to behold. The game is presented in a top down isometric view although you have control over camera angles that you prefer or are necessary in battle or adventuring.


The graphics and art style are vibrant and the enemy designs are something to behold a great deal of care by Larian Studio went into crafting this world which you will spend countless hours in. Another thing I wanted to touch on briefly is the great voice acting that went into the enhanced edition it has many standout voice actors and all are greatly done and a treat. The music score is a fantasy affair that delivers nice mood and tone without being overbearing and drowning out the battle sound effects all around sound and music are nicely done.  On the gameplay front I would like to point out that this is a more hardcore role playing game and may not be the best for newcomers to the genre but vets of it will settle comfortable down into this great title.

One great thing is Divinity OS EE has online co-op and even couch co-op via split screen.

Couch Co-Op/Split Screen

In my time with the title; both work well and no connectivity issues were observed.  This is my first impressions of Divinity OS EE. With a game like this for an in depth review requires many, many hours but I wanted to bring you this impression that you can get an overview of this great game…. yes it’s great I can’t stop playing so look for the full Divinity OS EE review coming soon to Gamers Pantheon.


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