Miitomo: The Nintendo You

Yesterday, as several of you are now aware, Nintendo officially announced how it is going to break into the Smartphone market. This announcement led to ultimately two features being confirmed: The service that is Nintendo Account, and the first official game being called Miitomo.


Today I want to focus on the latter of the reveals, or more specifically, a big feature of the Miitomo game. In case you didn’t know, Miitomo is designed to feature interactions between your Mii and the Mii’s that people playing the game have. This is nothing new in terms of what Nintendo has to offer, Mii’s and their interactions have been part of Nintendo since the Wii….which I’m sure is all part of some weird naming pun but I digress


However, one new feature does stand out to me, and that is how your Mii will apparently communicate with other Mii’s without you knowing about it. This is apparently in case you are too hesitant to communicate with others, yourself. That last part is probably going to cause some issues. I have been told in that in Japan, something like this is much more culturally acceptable. And while that is perfectly fine for some, it also needs to come with the understanding that other cultures may not find it so appealing, particularly in America.


Keep in mind; this is the country where our information being shared has become a major issue. Especially since someone by the name of Edward Snowden, more or less confirmed for us that wearing a tin foil hat isn’t such a bad idea…. Now I’m not saying that Nintendo is going to be some evil company, watching our every move and using that information against us, far from it.

However, there is no way this won’t raise several eyebrows either. Like I said, this mostly boils down to cultural differences and those will always exist. As a result, there will always be things lost in translation. But as Nintendo goes forward with this new venture, one can’t help but wonder what other features and concerns will be brought up with each title that is announced.

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