Halloween Special: Slasher Films Turned Gaming

Cover pic

Ever since I can remember October and especially Halloween has always held a special place in my heart. I remember every year as far as I can go back watching those 70s and 80s slasher horror films. Since I have become a video game collector I had to look to see which of these films were recreated into being video games. I was thoroughly shocked to see that four of my favorite horror franchises were recreated at some point: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1982TCM cover

This was the first slasher movie to be recreated out of the four. In 1982, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was created by Wizard Video. The unique feature about this game compared to the other three, is that you was the villain. The goal of this game was to basically slaughter the people to gain points. Let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to strap a piece of human flesh on their face and kill people with a chainsaw. Don’t think this game is readily available, it is an extremely rare game and has a nice price tag around $450-$500 Complete In box.

Halloween, 1983Halloween cover

In 1983, Wizard Video created another extremely rare game made after one of the most terrorific slasher films in history, Halloween. This game follows the more traditional route and would even say it set the path for slasher movie games by making you the hero. In this game you are the babysitter and your goal is to save as many kids as you can before Michael gets you. Just like the Texas Chainsaw game, Halloween is extremely rare and has a decent price of $250 to $350 complete.Halloween gameplay

Friday the 13th, 1989Friday cover

In 1989, LJN came out with one of my favorite NES games, this game was Friday the 13th. I remember playing this game as a kid and strategically picking my counselor who had the fastest run speed in order to stay away from the masked machete wearing goalie of doom. The game was a 2-D scroller that had a simple task, find Jason and destroy his A$$!!! This game is relatively cheap and easy to find in today’s market. Have fun and be careful out there never know around what corner Jason lurks. Friday jason dead

Nightmare on Elm Street, 1990nightmare on elm cover

Last but not least is based on one of the great horror film franchises in history, Nightmare on Elm Street. This game was supposed to be a game where you was Freddy and killed teenagers but, I guess killing teens is frowned upon. The real gameplay had you play as a teenager that battles through levels filled with snakes and bats in order to get to the bosses to get a key to enter another area of the game. Watch out though not moving fast enough would bring Freddy himself out. This game is easy to find in today’s market and runs between $30 to $50, so why not get out there and whoop some Freddy A$$ and be a master of your own dreams.ending nightmareon elm

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