PS Plus Games Available in November

PlayStation Plus lineup for November 2015:

PSPlus Games

PlayStation Plus game lineup has been announced and the two headliners on PS4 are fan favorite The Walking Dead from Telltale Games as well as Magicka 2, which also graces this month’s PS4 plus list and fans of the series rejoice. Mass Effect 2 is available as well. Which if you haven’t played the series, I suggest you get on it! 


Season two of The Walking Dead games follows Clementine as she struggled to make her way in a world growing ever more dangerous by the day. It follows the series structure over choice and story driven gameplay, so fans should be thrilled.

Magicka 2 is a spell slinging co-op driven slaughter fest were you or a friend team up to burn, shock, smash and bash the bad guys or maybe even each other?…

Here is this month’s full lineup.

  • The Walking Dead, PS4
  • Magicka 2, PS4
  • Mass Effect 2, PS3
  • Beyond Good & Evil, PS3
  • Dragon Fin Soup, PS4-PS Vita ( PS3 cross-buy when available)
  • Invizimals, PS Vita

What do you make of this lineup let us know in the comments and be sure to stay tuned to

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