Thanksgiving, it’s a holiday that no longer matters to the majority of people. Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is thinking how they can get their next 60” TV on Black Friday. I personally love Thanksgiving, it’s a time to see your family, eat tons of delicious food, and take naps while watching … More Thankfulness

Thankful for Gaming

My introduction to my preteen years wasn’t exactly the best; my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and opted to spend his final days at home. The days surrounding that moment in time is a blur but I do remember countless hours of us playing video games together. Gaming has always been in … More Thankful for Gaming

Giving Thanks For What Is Good in Gaming

So it seems that air has gotten colder lately. The leaves are not only changing colors, but making a lovely crunching noise beneath my feet. This can only mean one thing……IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR CHRISTMAS……….ahem……sorry. Unnecessary shouting aside, despite what all of the retail stores tell you, we have one more holiday before the Yule … More Giving Thanks For What Is Good in Gaming

Gaymer 4.0

Gaymer 4.0 Hello again any to the lovely followers of Gamer Pantheon. I was hmm’ing and aah’ing about whether to add Toad and Toadette to the roster of Gaymer X.0’s but I think it draws a solid correlation to the question of gender neutral, gender fluid, transgender or anyone who indentifies themselves separately to what … More Gaymer 4.0

Gravy stained co-op..

Happy ThanksgivingBy:Games Archeologist For:Gamers Pantheon Well it’s that time of year when visit relatives and friends wear ugly sweaters eat way too much and give thanks for all we have. I’m thankful for having such a wonderful daughter and having a great girlfriend to spend my days with and thankful for having such a great … More Gravy stained co-op..