The Devil is a Part-Timer Review

NerdgasmOur friends over at NERDGASM are working with us to bring you reviews over anime, tv, and movies. We are proud to be working with a great bunch of gentlemen. Please take the time to look at their facebook page (follow the link), and give them a like. You can enjoy such videos as “Drunk Gaming” and their wonderful podcast. Willie, one of the founders is giving us his thoughts on “The Devil is a Part-Timer.”

What do you do if you are the Demon King, and you find yourself stuck in modern day Japan without your magical powers? You do what any rational person would do in order to survive. You get a job. This week we review “The Devil is a Part-Timer”.

Our story begins with the Demon King trying to bring the humans in Ente Isla under his rule. War breaks out as the humans, led by The Hero Emilia, fight back against the Demon King and his Demon army. Realizing that in his current state he would be defeated by The Hero Emilia, the Demon King and his general flee through a portal with Emilia chasing after them. The portal lands them in modern day Japan without enough magic to make it back home. The Demon King, now going by the human name Mao, and his general Sasaki must do what they can to survive until they can find a way to regain their magic and return home.


Mao gets a job at MgRonald’s and strives to be the best employee he can be. Emilia finds herself in the same situation. She gets a job in a call center and takes on the name Yusa. Mao is quite the model employee and citizen. He gets along with everyone, causes no one trouble, and even has a co-worker who is madly in love with him. He is the furthest thing from a Demon King. Mao’s peaceful cohabitation with humans is disrupted once Yusa and Mao discover each other. Mao now focused on climbing up the corporate ladder has no intention on fighting, but Yusa has a hard time believing the Demon King who tormented and killed humans without a second thought, could now live peacefully among them. Yusa is determined to expose Mao as the demon he really is, but when an enemy emerges that is targeting both of them, will these two enemies be able to put their differences aside and work together.

“The Devil is a Part-timer” is surprisingly funny. In fact, most episodes had me laughing. It’s a nice change of pace from the typical Anime you may have come to expect. It manages to take something as mundane as day to day work life, and make it entertaining. It is interesting to watch the relationships between the characters begin to develop. Can a Demon King, who once hated humans, actually love them? Can a Hero pledged to destroy the Demon King, find a way to forget the past?

Devil is a part timer

I don’t want to give away anymore of the story. If you are a fan of anime looking for something a little different, then you’ll love this show. Even If you are not a fan of anime, you should still give this a shot. The comedic tone of this show will still entertain you. Both the Sub and Dub are excellent, so both sides of the Dub vs Sub debate will be happy. Bottom line, this is a must watch and gets the NERDGASM stamp of approval. The Devil is a Part – timer is available on as well as the various Funimation apps, Netflix, and Hulu.

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