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By: Casey, Tyler & Clifton

The team here at Gamers Pantheon is proud to, and with great pleasure bring you a look at the upcoming Seed of the Arcane. We sat down and were able to ask the developers a few questions to give you a better understanding of this upcoming indie title that you will want to be sure to keep an eye on. The following is a transcription of the question and answer that the developers of Seed of the Arcane and Gamers Pantheon have gotten together to bring to you, the gamer.

Gamers Pantheon: Can you tell our readers a little about Seed of the Arcane and how it came to be?

Developer:  The seed of the arcane exists in a world that we have built over sixteen years of AD&D playing. We decided to port our best storyline to a pc version game. The idea of the storyline belongs to our senior programmer, Kostas. The reason we decided to make this game is the lack of interactive RPGs in the current market. While there are some great RPGs like dragon age, which have used gameworld influences and npc’s to make the player feel like his role, we still think that there is room for improvement in the “Role” element of these games. Thus, we decided to create a game that will allow the player to feel like he/she is the hero that they are playing and feel like a true member of the faction that he represents and not just some adventurer that is passing by. Additionally to make the player feel part of the world, we are using the latest technologies like Oculus and Eye Tracking. Plus, we are developing a new device called 3D Walker that will allow the player to walk into the game by using his own feet instead of the keyboard. We will release more information about the device soon.

SeedsGamers Pantheon: I was seeing that your team mentions that every decision counts and that the class you choose plays an important role. Can you speak more on that?

Developer:  Since this game is a role playing game, it was natural for us to put the role in a first priority. Our goal is for the player to fully embrace the role of the character and behave according to the class that he has chosen. The player at the beginning is not a hero but a simple commoner and earns his level as the game progresses. We have designed the game in such a way that the npc’s will react to the player’s role. For example, a commoner cannot speak with a faction leader while a knight class will get different treatment in the world by the npc’s. The class can negatively or positively influence the standing of the player in the world. Also we are taking the role playing element a step further introducing an order for the knight class. The knight takes oaths in front of the king at the end of the ceremony. The king slaps the knight and says “and this is to remember your oaths”. In our game mechanics support this oath by checking if the player has broken any rules of his class. If a rule is broken the screen shakes and the sound of the slap is being replayed. If the rules are broken for the second time the words of the king are being replayed. If the player breaks the rules for the third time the room that the player was knighted appears in front of the camera and the knight becomes fallen. Similar rules apply for the wizard and the druid class. While these classes do not have code of conduct like the knight, they will have behaviors and habits and the npc’s will react according to their class.  

Gamers Pantheon: Can you give an example on how choices will affect the game world, influence npc’s and how that plays into the influence bar mechanic?

Developer:  First of all, we believe that in order to transfer the player into our world and create a more realistic feeling for him, we need to allow him to create friendships with other characters in the world. Currently we have five party members, three of which can influence the ending of the game. The player can interact with the party members, hear their stories and even form relationships with them if their influence is high enough. Each one of these five characters will have an influence bar which will measure the relationship that this character has with the player. The influence bar will be hidden from the player, as we believe that this is more realistic. If the player chooses to form a relationship with another character at an early stage he might be rejected and this will influence the player until the end of the game, making it very hard for him to form relationships with specific npc’s. The party npc’s will have personal quest lines that the player may find if he has a lot of influence with them.

Additionally we are developing a new response system that will react to the reputation that you have gained from the local people and your faction. The game will not load from an earlier point if the player loses; instead it will allow the player to play the role of the local garrison in order to retrieve his body. If the player has neither reputation nor influence, the party members that have remained on camp will take the role of the rescuer. If there is no party member left behind then the player will start from a much earlier point.

Gamers Pantheon: Are you able to give our readers any details to do with the classes of Wizard, Druid and Knight. Will these classes follow the tradition of their respective classes? Is the class build locked into its role or is the player able to tweak the classes somewhat to fit different play styles?

 Developer: We will allow the freedom to take decisions despite of the class. As for the playing style, we will lock the set of armours to classes-based armours and each of these armours will represent a rank. At the same time, we will allow multi classing features at the latest levels that will permit the player to take some features from other classes. For example, a promotion of the knight will be paladin. A paladin can cast spells, which is a wizard feature. An alternative promotion will be an empire knight which is a complete fighting driven class. Accordingly, a druid will be able to choose to become an archer or a close combat spell caster.

Gamers Pantheon: What game engine and assets are you using and are you also creating your own?

 Developer: We are using Unity 3D. Many of our assets come from asset store, while some others are in-built. All the scripting, voice acting and sound design are created in-house.


 Gamers Pantheon: Besides PC are you exploring other platforms at the stage of development you are currently in?

Developer:  We will port the game into Mac IOS and we are exploring the possibility of PS4 and Xbox1. For the PC version we will support Oculus Rift and Eye Tracker.

Gamers Pantheon: Do you plan on bringing Seed of the Arcane to Steam Early Access?

Developer:  Yes, we plan to upload Seed of the Arcane on Steam Greenlight and later on Steam Early Access, possibly this winter.

Gamers Pantheon: Are you able to share where you are in development and if so do you have a window for release?

Developer:  Currently we have completed most of the landscapes for our levels and we are creating the npc’s to populate the world. Additionally we are recording the characters’ voice overs. Our timeline is a bit fluid but we can roughly estimate that we will release the final version of the game this spring. This winter we also plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign and upload the game on Steam, as mentioned above.

The team, here at Gamers Pantheon, hope you enjoyed the interview and were able to learn about this new upcoming role playing game from a passionate indie development team. We are going to be keeping our eye on Seed of the Arcane and its upcoming proposed Kickstarter campaign. We will provide the games website below so you can stop in and check out Seed of the Arcane. Please stay tuned to Gamers Pantheon for more inside looks at indie games and indie game developers because we here believe they are an important cornerstone to our gaming industry.

Seed of the Arcane

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