Snag or Gag: Mobile Light Force 2

I have always had a sincere love for shoot-em-ups (SHMUPS), they have truly held the course of time and held true to that arcade feel I miss with modern gaming. Here recently I bought a lot of PS2 games a stumbled upon the hidden gem Mobile Light Force 2.MLF 3

I was skeptical when I decided to play it, the game art nearly made me toss the game as another B-rated PS2 release due to its Charlie’s Angels knock-off cover that was enough to make Charlie himself assassinate them. Even though my inner gamer was telling to burn this atrocity of a game I decided to start it up and give it a try.

Upon startup I felt my heart sink, even the startup screen had those goofy knock off Angels. I went to character selection and I had a Whisky Tango Foxtrot moment (WTF). The characters had an anime feel and looked bad@$$!!!!!

MLF4The game play simply blew me away, this game was truly a treat, it brought back some of my fondest memories of playing Super Nintendo SHMUPS like Aero fighters. The controls were easily understood, there was plenty of action, and the characters had some pretty cool power-ups and special abilities. The graphics are really nice and fit very well with the PS2 system.

There was one con which made me upset, the Japanese version had a story to the game which progressed as you completed each level. The American version does not have this feature, it is not a show stopper but, considering the capabilities of the PS2 console there was no real good reason not to have it as an option in the menus to turn story on.

I say if you like shooters this is the game for you. It provides great gameplay, decent graphics and is super cheap for those budget gamers. So if you are looking for a great game that isn’t going to break the bank then get off your A$$, buy this game and enjoy what you have been missing. GAMERS PANTHEON CALLS THIS GAME A SNAG!MLF final


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