Blood Bowl: When an RPG brutally collides into Football

blood bowl top

I recently walked into Game Stop and stumbled across a game that I nearly placed back on the shelf. As always after buying a new game I have to slap it in the good ole PS4 and I was shocked how addicting this game really was. It offered two of my favorite things in this world, RPGs and football. This was truly one of those hidden gems that found its way into my console for me to enjoy for hours upon hours.

Blood Bowl 2_20150921221432
Gameplay- 85 out of 100
Blood Bowl is based around a turn based tactical RPG using the matrix of football to act as the scoring medium. The use of die rolls create fail chances at every turn to allow for higher difficultly depending how brave you are feeling. The controls and commands are easy to understand and utilize, making this a true treat to play.
Visuals – 85 out of 100Bloog bowl 1
It may look loony, it may even resemble some goofy immature game, but, it has some charm to it as well. The next gen consoles make this game look light-years better than it PSP counterpart. It is interesting to watch players get bashed in or cough their blood up when they eat the dirt.
Story – 85 out of 100
Blood Bowl brought me a decent story to go along with this game, truly offering that RPG feel. You are the new head coach for a failing team and it is your job to build it up. For any one that has played Blood Bowl before knows that it provides an incredible sense of humor and violence wrapped up into a one package.

blood bowl end
Overall this game offers a little something for everyone. This game is a little more on the mature side but, who said video games were only for kids? I am giving this game a score of 85%, it isn’t necessarily a game that is for everyone and not really the must have for gamers but, if you enjoy having a game that you can hop down and take a 15 minute breather and actually have fun then this is the pick for you.


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