Gaming on a Budget: Gunman Clive

Indie games are a fun topic with me. I know several indie developers, and most of them are incredibly passionate about what they put out there. Gamers are a fussy bunch, and these developers know that they will be held to similar standards as their more popular brethren. I’m always happy to talk about an indie game that gets it right. The sequel has been recently released on the 3DS eshop, so I thought, why not go ahead and give the games a try? I’m in the middle of a move and several life changes, so not only am I writing this piece for your budget’s sake, but for my own as well. Let’s see how Gunman Clive holds up.


Gunman Clive

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Steam, 3DS

Developer: Hörberg Productions

Price: $1.99


The first and most noticeable thing about Gunman Clive is the art style. The colors are very muted, and the art looks like an animated sketchbook. This really contributes to the feel of the game as a Western-themed platformer. The animation is very smooth as well and really brings the game to life. The enemies are fairly varied, especially when the game starts getting weird. And get weird it does. You begin with the standard cowboy thugs, but you’ll soon find yourself fighting pelicans, ducks, rabbits, alien robots, and launching into space for a shmup adventure. The bosses are fun and keep you on your toes.


Controls are pretty straightforward. You can play as Clive or Ms. Johnson. Clive is slightly faster, while Ms. Johnson can slow her descent with her skirt. Otherwise, you’ve got some standard Mega Man-style platforming here. Gun power-ups drop occasionally, giving you some Contra-like guns such as spread shot, missiles, lasers, homing shots, and some really powerful bouncing projectiles. I will note that I played the 3DS version, so I can’t speak to the touchscreen controls of the mobile versions.


If you like old-school platformers, you’ll like this game. Come for the Western-themed platforming, stay for the weird pulp sci-fi. For two bucks, you really can’t go wrong. The game is short, but no shorter than your run-of-the-mill retro platformer. Give this one a go today.

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