Evolve: Discussing The Gorgan

The Gorgon


So Evolve have finally released their new monster. Joining the Goliath (Inc. Meteor), Kraken, Wraith, and Behemoth; we have Gorgon.

Though I’m not crazy about the name (in regards to the mythology even though it fits within the context of etymology), I am happy they have finally released the new Monster and I’m sure a few of you will be happy to discover it’s our second female Monster!

So the Gorgon has a play-style quite similar to the Wraith; she’s fast, she’s tricky, she’s not got a large health pool – you can’t (to an extent) really run in to the battle front on and expect to win easily – it’s best to set up traps, and use her agility and small size to your advantage.

The Gorgon is like the Warlock of Evolve. It prefers to wither the hunter’s life down, using her abilities but this doesn’t mean that it’s slow to kill a hunter, on the contrary. When in a fight with the Gorgon, you would be lucky to actually focus on the monster at all. Her little disgusting spider babies will be stealing your teammates away or you’ll be trying to attack her mimic – I’m telling you, it’s not easy. The Gorgon has the ability to stick to walls. This is actually incredibly effective when trying to set up a trap for hunters, maybe when players get used to playing against her it will not be as much of a threat, but walking right underneath this monster unaware is very possible. She also has a special pounce on a target on the floor; the damage of this pounce can vary depending on where she jumps at you from.


One thing I will always respect Turtle Rock Studios for is their diversity in characters; I don’t mean only in their aesthetic, but the handling. It’s impressive that they have so many characters, fulfilling the same roles but feeling very different from each other – The Gorgon is no different, though she is similar to the Wraith in how you need to approach the Hunters, it is unique to the Wraith in the actual execution.

Now let’s talk about her abilities.

Web Snare: This does what it says, slows Hunters down – it reduces their jetpack mobility by 50% and also adds a damage-over-time poisoning effect.

Spider Trap: She shoots an egg sac on the floor which on contacts releases her little spider minions that burrow in to the ground. When hunters travel over them, they act as proximity-mines that are also man-eating plants, they render said hunter useless and runs away with them.

Acid Spit: This leaves a pool of damaging acid on the floor, if the hunters cross over it their health depletes.

Mimic: She sheds her skin and just pretty much makes a copy of herself; it sounds like the Wraith’s Decoy ability, and to an extent it is similar but it is on a different level.


As you can tell, these abilities can be used with each other to make a few different openings or even escapes.

You can use Mimic to trick trap-happy, Trapper. You can use the Acid Spray tactically to force the Hunter’s to take the clearer path, which of course you already laid with the Spider Trap! It is wonderful.

The major strength of the Gorgon in my eyes is that she can create chaos in large are small scale battles. Her traversal web sling is quick meaning if you’re trapped and not ready to fight, you can snare the Hunters, web away, drop an acid danger zone, plant your minions and web away again. If you’re daring or skilled enough, you can hid and misdirect the hunters in an opposite direction with her mimic.


Overall, the Monster is impressive and I think it fits well in the Evolve universe. Personally, however, I think they have waited way too long to release this monster. With a game like Evolve, a game that focuses on online game play, they cannot expect their audience to remain interested. They have added new modes, a few new maps and new ranking systems, but for most people that will be background stuff.

The game is spiralling toward Free-To-Play which is going to be the only way it will truly survive, and that’s completely fine if they handle it in the right way; that is going to be the best chance of sustaining the Evolve community, or increasing the longevity of the game. Though, I think they need to completely review what they want the game to be because it would be a shame if these poor new hunters, this poor little Gorgon who only wants to kill and eat Hunter’s won’t get her day.

Bradley Walker

PS4: Walk_Korr

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