Halo 5: The Guardian Review. Hunting Master Chief Down!


For the longest time of my life, I despised Halo, and to be honest, it was because I sucked at it. I am not bad at shooters when it has proper gravity, but Halo moved so fast, and the impossible high jumping people could pull off, well, pissed me off. However, as I’ve gotten older, and less angry (not by much), I decided to give all the Halo games a try so I could prepare my…self for Halo 5.

This game is what everyone wanted Halo 4 to be, but it does NOT equal the first Halo games. It doesn’t have that magic, I must stay up all night and play it, feeling. Halo 5 is a great place for 343 to go however, and I’m glad to see the series on the uprising after 343 took over from Bungie.


Halo 5 makes some of the most drastic changes to a franchise beloved by almost all Xbox owners…some changes are a superb growing of the franchise, others fall flat on their face like me doing a pub crawl. It’s a fast paced game, of beautiful scenery, yet is brought down by a story that isn’t the best of the series. It’s nowhere near a BAD story, but it left more to be desired. Master Chief is suspected of war crimes, and as Locke, you have to bring him in. Now Locke is not a bad character, I don’t hate him, and he’s a good protagonist, but something seems…lacking. It is nice to have a face to the franchise, and he’s a good place to go after Master Chief. The story focuses on the chase, the dangers of A.I. and the fall of a hero.

Now, the ending; I LOVED the ending. However, I’m an asshole and love cliffhangers. I enjoyed the ending of Mass Effect 3, and how it kept us wondering. I didn’t hate the Sopranos ending, and cliff hangers are GREAT to me. However, several people are going to get pissed because it leaves you hanging from that metaphorical cliff during the peak of the climax. I prefer it that way, as it makes me want to play Halo 6 more and more.


As for the gameplay, this is Halo, it’s a good controlling game. Even though I felt the controls weren’t as tight as previous installments, it still wasn’t bad, and rather easy to use. In fact, I would say that the gameplay SAVES the campaign. The gameplay is superb and keeps me going through the campaign of blandness.

Multiplayer in Halo is done quite well. It was enjoyable, the maps were astounding, and the game styles were fun as always. You have 4 player co-op, and you have online MP, which is always fun. The biggest complaint is the lack of couch co-op. I completely understand why this is, but it is rather sad not to be able to play with my girlfriend or my family when we’re all together. My father and I use to play the games together, and the lack of it, fills me with sadness.


The game overall is what you would expect from 343, with some progress made. This is Halo, it feels like Halo, and it’s a game any Xbox one owner should own. Overall, I give this game an 83%. It was good, but it still has room for improvement.



Pros –

– Controls
– Multiplayer
– Gameplay
– Graphics


Cons –

– No Couch Co-Op
– Bland Story
– Characters


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