Exploring Boston: A Review of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Review


Fallout 4, the name has brought people to their knees in celebration since it was announced, and at midnight, gamers all around the world will be launching their next gen consoles into the wastelands of Boston (That’s a beautiful thing to hear, GO SOX).


I remember when I got to first see gameplay at QuakeCon 2015, and how stunned I was from the gorgeousness that was Fenway Park (Diamond City in the game), Lexington, and several other locations. I was excited to finally play a game based out of my favorite city, and I must say this game has lived up to the hype in almost every way.

Now, when I loaded the game, I realized I was in for a completely different adventure than Fallout 3. The game moves at a much faster pace, within the vault, and it feels similar, but much different. I’ve realized that with Fallout 4 you have a ton of fans that want ALL the answers they can get, and I’ve learned that it’s tough to answer these without spoiling, so during this review, we are keeping it SPOILER FREE.


Fallout 4 takes place, just like 3, after an atomic bomb strikes through America. Now, this one takes place in Boston, which brings me to my first discussion point; the exploration and city. Now, I am one of the biggest Boston fans, it’s what I consider my city (even if I live in Oklahoma), and it is my favorite city in the world. I am obsessed with the Boston Red Sox, and can still get people around the city even though I haven’t lived there in 7 years. Boston, and the surrounding areas, is immense, and beautiful. Diamond City (Fenway Park) looks superb, with the correct colors and layout. Even though it is a city, you can tell this is Fenway, as the poles match what you would see now watching the David Ortiz break records at Fenway. The city is accurate to the layout, and the colors of the highway, the waterfront, everything is dead accurate. I’m proud to walk around and know where I am going, even in a game. Graphically, this game looks good. It’s pretty, and not once did I think, “These graphics suck.” It runs smoothly (albeit at around 30fps), but it’s a gorgeous game, with gorgeous scenery.

The characters are amazing, and the creation is superb. Angelo was able to make himself look almost on point, as was I. It’s one of the first games I’ve spent 4 hours actually trying to make me, and was able to. The NPCs are all fun to talk to, and some have amazing history about Boston, which is fun to hear.


The story isn’t the best I’ve ever played, that belongs to Bioshock or Mass Effect, but it’s good, it works for this game. I never caught myself saying “I must go do the story.” I just caught myself going “I wonder why they didn’t do this or that?” However, the story was good and moved at a good pace, and gave you several choices to make. Will you betray this friend to help out another? Will you join group A or group B? The choices in this game seem endless, and as a huge fan of Mass Effect, I can say I’m happy there are so many.

Now, the part that has become somewhat of a story this past week is the gameplay. “Destiny gun hired for Bethesda’s Fallout.” What I can say is that this was the best thing they could do. It had a good action game feel, without the floaty, lag induced aiming issues of three. The controls are on point, and it made me happy to play, and do firefights. The controls are up there as some of the best I’ve played in a game on the PS4/X1.

I promised no spoilers, so what I will say is, check every nook and cranny, talk to everyone, and play with the PipBoy. The PipBoy is amazing, and to go along with the controls, is much easier to use, and makes life better. Now, you can’t go all out on every aspect of “S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” so use it wisely. This game allows for you to play several different ways, and slowly, but surely switch the way you play.

The map system can be a pain. Travel is easy, as you have fast traveling, but to check out the view, you can’t get a full on birds eye view, so you have to scroll around on it. It can get old, fast, while you’re looking to see what is around you. Also the menu system is not the best at navigating. To get to certain ammunition, weapons, etc, you can be driven mad, but that’s the minor issues that plague you in a fun, astounding game. There are your occasional bland scenery moments and there are still glitches, albeit nothing like Fallout 3. However, the game overall runs, for the most part, smooth, and even the glitches never drive you to insanity.

Best Team Eva!

Now here is our guest writer, Angelo with his thoughts on it.

First off I’d like to thank Casey for allowing me to make a guest appearance for a second take.

Reviewing a sequel to a beloved game is always tough. Especially considering Fallout 3 is in my top ten list of favorite games of all time. So being unbiased is something that I wanted to strive for. And also I don’t want to spoil too much as far as story.


So after playing for about ten hours I feel I can give an honest opinion and fair review. Let me start with what everyone seems to be complaining about and that’s the graphics. I’m playing on the somewhat inferior Xbox one and all I can say is not one time did I stop and say “damn this is an ugly game”. And in a way I almost should be considering it is post-apocalyptic Boston. But the contrary, I actually enjoy the scenery. The detail is spot on and makes you take in everything. From a dead skeleton couple arm in arm sitting at a booth at the local diner to industrial buildings begging to be explored, everything looks gritty, real, and appropriate.

Gameplay thankfully holds its own as well. I’ve always enjoyed looking at my character in third person while playing Bethesda games but they never felt right. FO 4 fixes those issues, for the most part, and it’s now playable to run around and see your character. First person felt better as well and as I type this Bethesda has released info that the gunplay is inspired by Destiny. It shows. I was able to adeptly pull off skilled head shots like I was Ralphie in one of his dream scenarios in “A Christmas Story”. Music is also handled well with more radio tracks and background music.


Although the absence of Three dog is a bummer but it was expected. As far as pace and story the beginning was much different than FO 3, I didn’t have to scavenge and steal a gun as one is literally handed to you early on. It’s almost as if the Devs wanted to draw in an action game crowd immediately and then slow it down for Fallout vets.


I can’t firmly give an opinion on the story without haven beaten the game. But it seems interesting enough. Other concerns were that eerie and odd “Twilight Zone” feeling, and thankfully that’s intact. So for me I’m definitely leaning towards a 9 out of 10. Better than 3? Probably not. But I don’t care. The wasteland is back and I’m ready to get back in it. So excuse me I’ve got some Raiders to kill!


pros –

  • Beautiful Boston
  • Controls
  • Characters
  • Customization
  • Choices

cons –

  • Story
  • Map
  • Menu scrolling
  • Companion control

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