Dragon Quest Heroes: Is it worth it?

DQ 1    DQ topI have always been a sucker for games that utilize the Dynasty Warrior mechanics to their game. Needless to say when I heard that the new Dragon Warriors game was going to incorporate these mechanics, I knew I just had to have. I sat and played this game for several hours, incidentally I found this game rather boring and hard to stay focused on.

Graphics – 85/100DQ 3

The graphics were ok, they were not mind blowing but, I was not expecting them to be. They did however have that JRPG feel and charm to them that I enjoyed. The graphics held well with the gameplay and in the few hours I delved into the game I didn’t see any glitches.

Mechanics – 80/100

The mechanics were straight forward and like other Dynasty Warrior type games it stayed true with the button mashing but, it had its charm with combos. The special abilities were pretty cool and allowed for some customization to be had with setting your skills up to make the best characters. Another unique feature was the RPG aspects this game brought into it. This typically is not evident or plays such a immense part in these types of games.

Gameplay – 80/100DQ2

The gameplay was smooth but, it was lacking the immense amount of foes that come with these types of games. For those of you that played Hyrule Warriors, would be disappointed in the amount of enemies in this game compared to that in Hyrule Warriors. Fighting some of the monsters in the game felt a little clunky as I felt the generals of the levels had too much life and not enough strength.

Story – 70/100

I found the story pretty disappointing compared to that of other games that followed the Dynasty Warrior setup. The story to this game was slow starting and very repetitive and boring. This is really where the game started to lose my interest, I couldn’t stayed focus playing it as the levels seemed to be relatively the same and the enemies were the same.

Overall I would say if you are into hack and slash games like Dynasty Warriors then this is the game for you. If you are not you will find this game rather boring and repetitive.

Gamers Pantheon Score – 79%

DQ 4


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