The Arrow: Special Guest

arrow 3This past week’s Arrow episode had a unique visitor. If you haven’t watched the episode please cover your eyes and slap yourself very hard set down and get caught up. The purpose of this episode was to save Sarah’s soul, now who do we know that is capable of restoring someone’s soul in the DC universe? Ok well if you don’t know the surprise guest this week was no other than the canceled John Constantine.arrow 1

Unlike super hero shows in the past, this goes to show DC’s adept ability to evolve with today’s fan base and introduce us to a universe deserving of using the DC characters. Why is this so important? I’ll tell you why, since the inception of the Flash into the CW family from guest staring on the Arrow. This is a good inclination that we will see more of John Constantine in the future.

What else did we learn from this episode? We learned that the DC Legends of Tomorrow crew is starting to come back. With Felicity coming closer to saving Ray Palmer and Barry saving Dr. Stein, it seems that we will start seeing more and more information concerning the path of the series.

Who will be seen next from the DC universe? Will Constantine be brought in to join the Legends of Tomorrow arc or was this a final goodbye for our favorite exorcist? Who all caught the slam Constantine gave to NBC using the dead peacock feather?

arrow 2

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