This Man ain’t Dull!

Cody Bio 2My name is Cody James Dull, i’m a 26 year old Father reigning from Ohio. When I am not busy raising my 3 year old daughter you can find me running a gaming store called Level Up or as you can imagine, staying up to the wee hours of the morning gaming. Introduced to the world of gaming at a young age, I was often found attempting to game on a PC set up my Father had or standing on a box and playing the stand up arcade in our home. That all change with the launch of Sony’s Playstation. Sure I was used to the seductive atmosphere that Sega and Nintendo were offering but Sony gave me my rise to becoming a gunslinger of controllers.

Cody Bio

Platform, action, and JRPGs (although the westerns aren’t too bad either) are my weakness for a majority of the classic systems. While I tend to lean more towards racing, shooters and RPGs on current gen consoles. I was competitive with Game Battles for a decent time and plan to get back into the swing of it, but ultimately it is a dream to become involved with game development or testing

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