Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection

Uncharted: A fresh taste of…


By Josh Bucton


Month’s ago as I was hunting across a handful of online retailers and discovered a new, still shrink wrapped copy of Uncharted 3, soon after I began a long awaited refresher play through of the earlier instalments. Shortly afterwards I discovered that a remastered edition had been announced, and was due later this year… Whilst I was annoyed after having just bought the new copy, I was absolutely stoked with the prospect of the overhaul I knew Naughty Dog would be giving it, and equally curious to what new tasteful touches they would be adding to spice things up; suffice to say, I have not been disappointed…


After installation and an update, I jumped straight in, everything was familiar, the initial options are straight forward, the player picks which of the 3 iteration’s they wish to play, and away you go with only the title screen for fine tuning, if you wish, before playing…. For me, it’s subtitles that are essential, as I have found in recent years, although I am not entirely sure why , that without the security blanket of them, I have missed key sentences in cut-scenes that ended up not being re-watchable, and being a details person, this is extremely agitating…

Having dipped my toes in the water for a few hours with the original, with aforementioned anticipation of the re-release, the opening cut scene was absolutely stunning, and without having pressed a button, I knew this was going to be just as brilliant an adventure as the first time I played through, only this time in gorgeous High Definition, and a comfortable lounge room, not stuffy adolescent bedroom… The perks of growing up.

But I digress, while still allowing a healthy dose of nostalgia to run throughout this experience, one must also remain objective towards the item at hand, and while it is a brilliant package, there are some minor things I am noticing now, that I do not recall all those years ago, whether that may be the copious amounts of mind altering liquid substances that have been consumed over the years, or that the mental highlight reel I have does not feature those particular details, I am not sure. These particular things are small environmental assets that in the moment are helpful towards obstacles and tasks at hand during encounters but after the flurry of the situation has passed, has left me feeling that certain destructible item placements may not have been as subtle as Naughty Dog had in mind. Having said that, I really like the modern touches that I have discovered thus far, namely, the competitive scoring system that pits one against PSN friends, with headshot counts and the like, which I found myself getting into, and being more aware of accuracy than I may have before.


The other element of this collection is the versatility it brings to the purchase, while it is somewhat clichéd, I feel that it successfully appeals to newcomers to the series, and collectors/veterans ready for another round, and ensuring their cabinet has no missing pieces. The only negative I could pose for the collection is the price, especially for gamers here in Australia, where it is currently sitting on $109.95 when I checked in at my local Eb last week, but, it is important to remember the effort that has gone into this project, AND one is gaining a masterpiece trilogy, not a solo title within the franchise, and some careful shopping around, even price matching in most retailers, will certainly benefit you.

Another benefit to the package, for those interested, is the Multiplayer beta, which I will dabble in, leading up-to Uncharted 4’s release next March, which I am eagerly looking forward to, albeit mixed with a sense of sadness, similar to my Partner and I’s toast, entering the Sons of Anarchy finale…. Jackie Boy!

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