Fallout 4 Shatters Sales Records 

Bethesda announces record breaking release.By: Games Archeologist 

For: Gamers Pantheon
A wasteland traveler pause to reflect. 

Unless you having been living in a nuclear fallout shelter and didn’t know Bethesda set the gaming world on fire with the release of the highly anticipated Fallout 4. Today Bethesda released a statement highlighting some milestones. Fallout 4 launched with some 12 million units worldwide to meet initial sales constituting $720 million in revenue. Game retailers from across the spectrum have told Bethesda that Fallout 4 was the most pre-ordered game of the year. Also the wildly popular and ever elusive Pip-Boy collector’s edition was the fastest selling collector’s edition in retail history.

The records just keep being broken as the Pip-Boy companion app became the most downloaded game on iTunes. Twitch also spoke as to Fallout 4 being the most watched game of 2015. To many this may come as no surprise but it’s clear that many gamers were eager to venture out into the wasteland once again, so we will see you out in the wastes vault dweller.

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