Nintendo Direct: Highlights and Reactions

Nintendo Direct: Highlights and Reactions


This past Thursday we were all treated to a live Nintendo Direct. Now we are sure that most of you are aware of the announcements thus far, but we wanted to go over and share our reactions to the news. And since Brandon and I are the residential “Nintendo Fanboys”, this task was simply our destiny. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Wii U -Twilight Princess HD

Brandon: This is my least favorite Zelda game, so I’m not very excited by this announcement. Might give it another try, but I’m getting sleepy thinking about it.

Ben: Unlike my compatriot here, I adored Twilight Princess and this really excited me. Also, it appears that they are using the GC version, which is a wise decision. And yes, I have already secured my preorder.

-Legend of Zelda Wii U 2016

Brandon: Cautiously optimistic about this. Not a fan of huge worlds, but the game looks gorgeous. I need to see more.

Ben: At this point I would just like a freaking title for this game. I am more than on board with it being huge, especially after hearing rumors that they took notes from Skyrim when designing this game. But this preview seemed to be nothing more than a reminder that it is coming eventually.

-Star Fox Zero April


Brandon: The game certainly looks better than it did at E3. That said, the controls seem super confusing. I love Star Fox, but this is another title I’m iffy on.

Ben: The Landmaster can fly!!!! Also, it appears they’re a kind of weird reboot with the series, kind of like the Bond movies did with Daniel Craig.

-Mother 3 in Japan

Brandon: I need this to come to America now. I bought the others on the eShop just to boost demand. This game is in my Top 5 RPGs and I want to actually own it.

Ben: How many Mothers are you allowed to have in Japan?……Bad jokes aside, I have never played this series, but I hope everyone who likes these games gets their wish.

-Super Mario Maker Deep Web Portal


Brandon: Neat idea, but I don’t sit around thinking about Super Mario Maker so I doubt I’ll ever use this.

Ben: It sounds good on paper, but I would really like to see it in action. Judgement is reserved….for now.

-Splatoon Update

Brandon: I don’t own Splatoon, nor do I plan to, so this doesn’t affect me much. It’s neat that they are issuing all this content for free though.

Ben: Free content is a great idea, especially since this game is geared towards kids and parents don’t want their children begging for credit card information. That happens enough on their iPads. I honestly like how this game has been handled thus far, and I hope more games are presented with a similar business model.

-More Amiibos

Brandon: Yawn.

Ben: I’m just going to leave this here…


-Cloud in Smash


Brandon: THIS. This broke my brain, and apparently the internet. Who would have ever thought this was going to happen? And sure, you can say Cloud isn’t “Nintendo” enough but he’s been in several Nintendo games and he’s definitely SquareEnix’s most popular character. They are building on hype for the remake, so of course SE wants him out there. I’m excited to try him out when we finally get him.

Ben: WHAT DID YOU DO INTERNET?!?! This was something that the internet wanted, but no one truly believed would ever happen in a million years. It is essentially a fanboy’s wet dream. There’s even a Midgar level with summons appearing to wreck stuff. What even is life anymore?!?!

-Smash Direct in December

Brandon: I’ll always take more Smash news. I’m interested to know who won the ballot. (It wasn’t Cloud. There’s no way they could’ve worked him up in the short time since the ballot ended.)


Ben: I agree with Brandon in saying that ultimately Cloud was not the Smash Ballot winner (That right is reserved for Goku). So when we get the Smash Direct, I expect our final characters to be announced, both planned and voted on. There have been rumors for characters that have ranged from King K. Rool to Shantae. It’s something to get excited about.

3DS -Hyrule Warriors Legends (Linkle)

Brandon – Hyrule Warriors is one of my favorite games, so I’m excited for this port as well as the Wind Waker characters. Linkle looks interesting. Terrible name, but dual crossbows? I’ll take it.

Ben: In 2015 all male characters have to be turned female, because that’s somehow progressive. You know, instead of making an original game/movie/story with strong/good/enjoyable female characters, that’s apparently too hard to do in spite of how great that could actually turn out. I’m not as butt hurt as I sound about Linkle (the name is stupid though and it rhymes with tinkle), however I question how entirely necessary this was. Though I do agree, dual-wielding crossbows are pretty baller. And when I saw the King of Red Lions all I could think was “LOL I’m a boat” –

Dragon Quest VII and VIII 2016

Brandon: I’ve admittedly never been a huge fan of Dragon Quest, but I’ve always said if SE sent them our way I’d buy them. Time to put my money where my mouth is and see if I can discover why this series is so loved.

Ben: I have never played a Dragon Quest so I do not have a dog in this fight. However, I have watched both season of The Hero Yoshihiko, which is a parody of Dragon Quest, and it’s hilarious.ND3

-Fire Emblem Fates (and special edition)

Brandon: Not a fan of the Pokémon route they are taking with this game, BUT I’ve paid $80 for a special edition of one game, I can certainly justify it for 2 (especially because I really love this series.)

Ben: You can buy them separately or together in one 3 part super pack! BUY ALL THE THINGS!!! You can complain about the Pokémon model, but history has proven it works.

-Gen 1 Pokémon to Virtual Console

Brandon: Gen 1 Pokémon is broken as all heck. That said, the games are still fun and including the ability to trade on these is kind of genius. I might bite on Yellow just for nostalgia.

Ben: Gen 1 Pokémon, ahh memories. You know, I beat both Red and Blue, but never finished Yellow, I might have to retcon this in February 2016.

-Triforce Heroes DLC

Brandon: Sure it adds a huge area to the game for free, but does it make the game actually good? Yeah, going to pass on this one.

Ben: Read my review, and you will all know exactly how I feel about this.

-Pokémon Picross

Brandon: Eh, it’s free to start, and I enjoy Picross. I’ll give this a download. The other free-to start (ugh, that term) Pokémon games have been pretty fun, so why not?

Ben: So the term “Free-To-Play” has evolved (no pun intended) into “Free-To-Start”…..Can I hit “B” to cancel this evolution? It needs to learn better moves first.

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