God of War III: Remastered Review

God Of War III: Remastered Review


I have just finished playing God of War 3: Remastered on the PS4 and I am just as satisfied as I was when I played the first game.

What God of War offers is what so many games just dont have anymore.

It was a kind of throwback to what gaming used to be. It is all about the story. This is a game that my fifteen year old self would have spent days on.

First of all, Greek Mythology is one of the most incredibly fascinating subjects. We all know of Mount Olympus, the King of God’s Zeus and the rest of the Greek Gods.


This game, however, offers you a completely new spin on the deities. If you have played the earlier games you will know why our main character, Kratos, has a thirst for vengeance – but if you have not, you won’t be alienated. I refuse to give any spoilers in my articles (at least without warning) but you will be given a synopsis of the previous games when you play.

The game itself is wonderfully enjoyable. It starts with a bang and then calms down to let you, as Kratos, rebuild your power and seek the ultimate vengeance on those who have wronged you.

And believe me, Kratos knows how to exact vengeance.

In this game, you get what you cannot help but feel your inner gamer revel in: awesome fighting mechanics with different tactics for the different enemy types (and there is a lot); different weapons which are given to you or… taken from others; there are items which help you traverse the depths of the realm of Hades to the heights of Olympus but can also be used in battle; there is even health and mana which you need to keep an eye on!


Each weapon can be upgraded, as can the items given. You can also increase your health pool, mana pool and item power. The more red orbs you pour in to your weapons, the more powerful they get and just as you would hope they glow brighter. There is only one way to take on an army of Greek Monsters and a roster of Gods and that is with pretty weapons and satisfying combo’s.

Though it doesn’t stop there, this game does not just offer brute button-mashing glory; it also tests your intelligence with puzzles. Some of the puzzles in the game are timed, some are in the midst of fights and one even deals with reality and perspective and of course it would not be complete without unlockables ranging from costumes to godly possessions which (once completed of course) give your Kratos extra characteristics to play the game with.

The controls are easy to get used to, they will be familiar to any gamer.

Jump: X

Double Jump: X, XGoW4

Glide: X (Hold)

It’s that old chestnut and it feels wonderful. Pressing Square gives you lights attacks, pressing triangle gives you heavy attacks, pressing circle lets your grapple which is fine, but combining all of these is what gives you those wonderful looking combos. Plus, there is nothing like grabbing an enemy, holding them above your head and ripping them in two by sheer force.

Considering this is a remake and not a game made for the the new consoles from day one, the graphics are wonderful. It has a smooth frame rate making the combat flow oh so smoothly. The did really well improving what they already had for next gen as you can see above.

The music gives you exactly what it intends to give you and the SFX around that are just perfect. In the realm of Hades the music is foreboding, resonating and the screams of freshly dead souls falling from the sky adds to it; overcoming a great foe is made more satisfying by the heroic musical accompaniment.

The story as I have already said is perfect – it gives you just what you want from a game revolving around Greek Mythology. You get to delve deeper in to the legends, come face to face with prolific characters such as Daedalus and Pandora and of course some of the more famously known Gods. Though, there’s no Priapus in this game – that would have been a fun fight!


The gameplay in between cut screens is exactly what you need it to be and it is wonderful because of this. It is not fight your way through random enemies then get story progression. Rather, the cut screens show you what your next task is and the gameplay lets you play through to that. By the end of the game, you truly feel like you deserve Kratos’ respect… though he’d still probably smash your head in to a wall without even thinking twice.

Overall the game is fantastic. It lives up to the name of God Of War and is very welcome in my pile of games.

I had a great time getting the platinum (which is not too difficult, but rewarding) and I will be forcing all my PS4 owning friends to play this! Not only that, but you can find a cheap copy in your local store, I’m sure!

If you have a spare £20ish laying around and looking for a new game, please pick this up and enjoy being Kratos, the God of War.

Gamer Pantheon Score: 90%

Bradley Walker

PS4: Walk_Korr

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