Space Dandy: Is it a Dandy to watch?

Today we take a look at Space Dandy.

“He’s a Dandy guy in space”.

Space Dandy 1

Space Dandy was the first anime to premiere the same night in the U.S. as it did in Japan. Space Dandy is what you would get if you combined Cowboy Bebop with an acid trip, but in a great way. The story revolves around the suave debonair Dandy and his ragtag crew: a robot assistant named QT and Meow: an alien that looks like a cat (who always proclaims not to be a cat alien). They make their money by hunting rare/undiscovered aliens, although they are rarely successful.

Space Dandy 2

Dandy cannot resist beautiful women and is a slave to the BOOTY, so the crew spends most of their free time at a restaurant named “Boobies” with their favorite waitress: Honey. Think of Boobies as a space Hooters. Similar to the structure of Cowboy Bebop, each episode is its own standalone story that manages to execute new animation styles and ways of storytelling. There is a ton of variety in this series. One episode may be about QT falling in love with a coffee machine, the next a high school musical, and the next episode about starting a rock band. It is almost like having 8 different anime genres rolled up into one. My dream finally came true.

The voice acting is top notch. Dandy and Honey are voiced by Ian Sinclair and Alexis Tipton, respectively. Along with the supporting cast, they manage to bring the characters to life. Those of you who hate dubs, do not worry; it is available in the original Japanese audio with subs. Space Dandy also sneaks in many anime and pop culture references, including “Karate Kommandos” featuring the Badass Chuck F***ing Norris. The music is also worth noting. It blends several genres (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk, Classical, etc.), which makes for an amazing soundtrack. I especially love the opening song (Viva Namida) and find myself singing it throughout my day.

Here are the pros and cons. Pros: It is very different from the typical anime, each episode features a unique visual aspect, the voice acting is fantastic, and it set a precedent for simulcasting anime in the U.S. and Japan. So, there is no waiting a year for anime to be licensed and dubbed. Cons: in my opinion, I really cannot think of any. Maybe the fact that there are no new seasons planned.

Space Dandy 3

Bottom line: Space Dandy is just straight up fun to watch. It will leave you excited for more Dandy and his crazy space adventures. Space Dandy gets Nerdgasm’s stamp of approval. You can pick up the Blu-ray/DVD boxset or watch it on and various streaming services.

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