Gravy stained co-op..

Happy ThanksgivingBy:Games Archeologist

For:Gamers Pantheon

Well it’s that time of year when visit relatives and friends wear ugly sweaters eat way too much and give thanks for all we have. I’m thankful for having such a wonderful daughter and having a great girlfriend to spend my days with and thankful for having such a great hobby in gaming that I’m able to share with them and that keeps me sane.
This Thanksgiving take the time out to thank those you love and that you hold dear but remember they are there the rest of the year and in my experience saying thanks on a random Tuesday in March means just as much if not more as on Thanksgiving itself. Well I’m not one for sappy feelings but enjoy your holiday, eat way too much and wear the ugliest sweater you have and drag grandmother and aunt ester to play some 4-player Ivan Ironman Stewart’s Super Off Road you can thank me for the laughs latter.
I’m thankful for gaming and the many memories it has given me and the lessons I’ve learned about perseverance and how with one man left no continues you died…. but you try agin and agin till you rescue that princess. Lately I’m thankful that gaming has given me a way to spend time with my daughter to laugh and make lasting memories with her. I’m thankful that my love for gaming has brought me to work with some awesome guys here at Gamers Pantheon. So this Thanksgiving I will be settling down with greasy turkey stained hands a controller in my hands to make memories with my friends and loved ones and yes I know I have a gravy stain on my shirt aunt gertrude…..geeez

Happy Holidays from my family to yours

The Games Archeologist

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