Thanking All the Games!

With Thanksgiving close approaching, I wanted to know what video games have made me thankful for. I can tell you it isn’t the hours of enjoyment or the stories that I delved into. So, what could it be that I am thankful for? To any gamer out there this should be a similar answer, it is the memories I have while playing video games.

To this day I can remember sitting on the floor with a buddy, tag teaming through a Super Nintendo or Sega game. The feel of the Cheetos powder between my fingers and the controller, and the smell of three hour old pizza still setting in the box next to us. The all night escapades that led to us beating the game, cheering and getting in trouble for being too loud. These are some of the greatest memories I have from being a kid and to this day my friends and I still discuss some of the games we beat and laugh at our parents yelling at us for being too loud. thanks giving 2

I remember playing Final Fantasy VII for weeks as a kid trying to beat it before my friends did so, I could brag about it. I can remember the night I beat it, I had to call all my friends and tell them. Then I remember the call telling me I needed to kill Ruby and Emerald weapon first and how heartbroken I wasn’t the first one to beat Emerald weapon.

Even now I feel that I am building memories with my wife and kids. Playing Mario party like I used to back in the day. Teaching my kids how to play games and letting them play the games that I started playing on 20 years ago. One of the recent memories I am thankful for was leaving my PS4 controller and my son not only took my controller he took my seat and killed my character. As I went to take the controller back he started to run away and I tickled him into submission. It was one of those moments that I could have never had without video games.

The last thing I am thankful for is the future, with gaming being so prevalent in our culture these days I can only imagine how my memories will be in the future. With my family becoming more and more interested in gaming I get the feeling that the future is going to be a long and fun. I also have begun my memory making with my new family here at Gamer’s Pantheon and cannot wait to build more memories.

Thanks giving 3


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