Giving Thanks For What Is Good in Gaming

So it seems that air has gotten colder lately. The leaves are not only changing colors, but making a lovely crunching noise beneath my feet. This can only mean one thing……IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR CHRISTMAS……….ahem……sorry. Unnecessary shouting aside, despite what all of the retail stores tell you, we have one more holiday before the Yule tide and other various holidays hijinks. Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, which is a time that is meant to, at least in my eyes, be spent spending time with loved ones and giving thanks. It sounds cliché, but it makes me happy. As a result, we here at Gamers Pantheon have all decided to talk about what things in gaming we are most thankful for. So let me do my part and provide you with my brief but humble list of what I am thankful for.


1. Something new for everyone to play: Most recently we got games like Fallout 4, Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and even Black Ops III. These are but a few varied titles that offer several options for people, and right now people are happy. Sure you can split hairs and talk about AAA and DLC issues, but right now the majority of people are happy, and that’s what matters

2. Cloud in Smash Bros: Hear me out please. I am not some kind of FF7 mega fan boy. I do like the game, but that is not behind my reasoning. No, something like this was merely an internet dream until a few days ago. And that opens the door for so many opportunities. Who knows what other inspirations could come from a new reality like this one.

3. Gaming Passion. While I will never be fan or endorse Internet bickering and attacking of different franchises, one thing that has been consistent for years is the deep passion and love gamers have for their franchises. Sure I may never fully understand a group’s deep love for a franchise like say Persona (Love you, Brandon) but I will always be able to respect it.

4. Twilight Princess HD: That’s right, I’m ecstatic about this. I will always believe it is underappreciated, even considering the love it got in Hyrule Warriors. I will play it on day one.


5. Region Locks are starting to go away for good: This may seem tiny, but there will always be games overseas that I want to play, you know the ones that do not get an official U.S. release. A good example of this would be the Kamen Rider Battride War games. Now thankfully you can play these games on an American PS3 and soon PS4, but you also have to make a Japanese PSN account to play the game and get DLC. I have heard that other companies are ready to move on from this, tearing down the locks that keep us from the games of other cultures.

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