Thankful for Gaming

Cody2My introduction to my preteen years wasn’t exactly the best; my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and opted to spend his final days at home. The days surrounding that moment in time is a blur but I do remember countless hours of us playing video games together. Gaming has always been in my life, but that last year has been burnt into my head ever since. I was broken when I lost my best friend, my hero…I lost a lot within myself and it took a long time to even realize that. I couldn’t grasp the reality of what I was going through.


I was assimilating with whatever crowd at school I could, with no real idea who I was anymore. Video games were my middle ground, my requiescence. I could identify with a lot of the story lines I was playing and in a way I battled my way out of depression with many hours of grinding and discovering new worlds and levels. As I grew and learned more and more about gaming I learned more about the character development and their stories. Someone would lose someone close and how they would deal with it and in a lot of ways helped more than therapy did because it grabbed my attention in a way no one else could because I was sympathizing with the main character.

This is what shaped most of my school years and eventually grew into my years as an adult. There are other various reasons for gaming such as online play with my friends that I moved away from or even the feeling of achievement when I beat a game, but the most important one I would say is my ability to be able to associate with the story line and draw the positive image our into my own comprehensive understand of my own self

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