Thanksgiving, it’s a holiday that no longer matters to the majority of people. Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is thinking how they can get their next 60” TV on Black Friday. I personally love Thanksgiving, it’s a time to see your family, eat tons of delicious food, and take naps while watching football; that’s my kind of holiday.


Vet Day 5As we have come across the always online, age of gaming, we have fallen from a time of happiness and moved onto a time of constant bickering and “keyboard warriors.” People use to remember how to help each other, and I’m discussing gaming. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, you were able to ask people for opinions, and help, without people trolling you, or being a dumbass. Today, we look to say what we are thankful for, instead of bitching about fanboys, and trolls.

I’m thankful for gaming with my family. My father had an NES when I was but a wee child, and I remember him sitting there playing Duckhunt and Mario with me, and watching him play Zelda. As I grew older, my father stepped away from gaming, but he always let me enjoy myself. He would always come and play racing games, or football, or baseball with me. We use to have major, hardcore battles between offense and defense on Madden, or between a Porsche and a Ferrari in Need for Speed or Gran Turismo. I don’t say it often, but I’m thankful to have a dad that stands behind me in my goal of creating the best video game website for years to come.

As I grow older and don’t have all the time in the world, I am thankful that my daughter and girlfriend let me game. My 11 month old daughter LOVES watching me play MLB the Show, or CoD, or even Mass Effect. My girlfriend is all about games with stories, and will even play some from time to time. I hope to have my daughter want to play games as she gets older, but if she so chooses not to, I can’t wait to raise her and have fun with her, doing whatever she loves.


I’m also thankful for the ability to do what I dream of, working here at Gamers Pantheon. Working with the team, no matter how much they drive me insane, is always fun, and I can’t wait to see Gamers Pantheon grow to the biggest gaming website in the world.

Gaming wise, I’m stoked for the games we have finally coming to current gen gaming. We have seen a flux of AAA games and more are on the horizon (pun intended). Sometimes we forget about great games, because we are so focused on MP style games, as they are pushed down our throat, but I’m excited to see such games as Rocket League, Child of Light, and the (soon to be) Last Guardian still exist, and are getting rave reviews.

The one thing I’m probably MOST thankful for when it comes to gaming imass-effect-2-mirandas the fact that I can play with former military buddies online. I know I spoke badly about online earlier, but I am thankful for the fact I can play CoD, The Crew, or Split/Second with my best friend, Smitty, who lives 3500 miles away. Life has brought many true friendships, and gaming has been an easier way to keep in touch.

I ask you, the gamer, to remember to be thankful for games. In a world that is seemingly crumbling around us, it is nice to see such wonderfulness that is games. I know we all get in bickering battles over the best console, or the best romance in Mass Effect, or what is the best Mario, but at the end of the day, I ask you to be thankful that there are fans out there that love the same games you do.


Remember, be thankful for what we have, and accept that not all opinions will match yours.

Casey N. Todd

EIC – Gamers Pantheon

PSN: casey5934

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