What I’m Thankful for….

What Am I Thankful For?


I’m not really used to giving thanks, at least not for a day that is dedicated to it. Now that I work under the beautiful Casey who happens to do just that, I am forced to appreciate life! Dammit!

So, what am I thankful for when it comes to games? I am thankful for the stories. I am thankful for the joy they bring me. I am thankful for the escapism, the fun, the challenge… but so is everyone.

No, what I’m really thankful for when it comes to games is the unity they bring. A lot of my friends I have now, I still speak to a lot because of gaming. I have a lot of friends who do not game, of course and I still consider them as amazingly close friends, but we talk few and far between (not that it makes it any less of a friendship in the slightest).

I moved from Liverpool to London in 2012 and it was terrifying. I was a lot shyer back then and the move was kinda difficult. In my student halls, we played a game of Hide’n’Seek and I felt instantly more comfortable.

Getting closer to people, they could see all the games I had in my room and it went from a slight interest to full-blown game nights and it is/was wonderful. My brothers and I played games growing up. It mostly consisted of me beating him up in game and him beating me up out of game, but it was still times I would never give up.


I am thankful that games give my housemates and me something to do other than idly watching TV. We sit, we play co-op, or pass the controller around depending on the game and we egg each other on, or laugh at each other’s awful mistakes.

I am thankful that when I turn my PS4 on in London, I can see my friends in Liverpool, Manchester, America online as well; my old colleagues, my new colleagues people I met in-game all online and enjoying their own little session. It’s wonderful. It really is a feeling of unity with in a community and it baffles me when people say “You’re wasting your life on them.” No, I’m experiencing stories with people I love!

I’m thankful for the imagination gaming has allowed me to keep. As much as I understand that I have to pay tax and people can be terrible and being an adult means a lot of responsibility… I still get very excited when I upgrade a spell and that is absolutely okay.

I am thankful for the excitement I get when a game I’ve waited so long for comes out. Rushing home with my stomach fluttering away, getting the excitement I always had when I was a child.

I am thankful that in the world we live in, people dedicate their lives to create these wonderful pieces of art that allow us to fully experience a life that could never be a reality!


I am also thankful for Zombies.


Bradley Walker

Ps4: Walk_Korr

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