Post apocalyptic pastime…

Post apocalyptic pastime….By: Games Archeologists

For: Gamers Pantheon

With Fallout 4 and its release, many gamers are ready to take another journey through a post apocalyptic wasteland. There have been many games and books that are set in this universe and  are wildly popular. What is it that makes games such as the Fallout & Metro series so popular and the war ravaged world seem so inviting? For many of you who are a little older you may remember the Cold War era when tensions between the U.S. and former Soviet Union were at their height and for many years the threat of nuclear war loomed over our culture.   

So maybe these games like Wasteland and the wildly popular Fallout series to the lesser known Van Buren, Apox, Neo Scavenger all give us a chance to play out these horrendous scenarios and in ways play the hero savior that some dream they are while playing army as young children. I think it has something to do with the appeal of a dystopian society where the rules, courtesies and trappings of our modern day societies simply don’t exist. This draw has been apparent for years in the success of the games I mentioned and films like Mad Mad Max. In Mad Max the main character is our hero but not so much in traditional terms, not so black and white yet we cheer him on even as the post apocalyptic setting of the film call for some blurring of the lines between right and wrong and for many that is another reason the genre draws them in.

( the recent mad max video game adapted from the feature film)

Our global climate of tensions and terrorism are an ever growing threat which in turn we seek escape in these digital wastelands of a future that could be and we all hope never will be. It’s also the escape from our mundane lives and routines to something exciting where we can be someone so different from ourselves. How many of you think post apocalyptic games could be explored more in varied genres and is that something you as a gamer would be interested in. No matter what side of the argument you are on games like Fallout and Metro Last Light are here to stay. I will see many of you in the wasteland fellow vault dwellers and we can take up the rifle again in one of our favorite post apocalyptic games and a setting so many of us love.


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