Hideo Kojima Creating His Own Studio

image Today is the day that ends Hideo Kojima and Konami’s relationship and ties completely ends. This ongoing feud has erupted since earlier this year resulting in Kojima’s name and production logo being stripped from the website and related marketing material to even denying Kojima a chance to accept any sort of awards for his own game at the 2015 Video Game Awards. VGA Host Geoff Keighley was upset about the ordeal, followed by the boos of thousands of gamers as well, and went on to dedicate the performance of “Quiet’s Theme” by Stefanie Joosten to him as well as several tweet that went public.

Upon ending his non-compete clause (which is a contract in which a party agrees not to do anything that would be competition against his former employer)with Konami we are left with the anxious revelation of his next move. Floating around several sites after a Nikkei article was translated, is that Kojima is in works with Sony to form a new studio with other former coworkers from Kojima Productions. We aren’t left with many details yet, but this is a promising outlook on what was a bleak future, with the MGS series left with Konami and the halt of production of Silent Hill, this could led Kojima in his different approaches to gaming outside of his masterwork with MGS.

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