Square Enix Announces FFIX western release

So the makers of Final Fantasy have announced that they’ll be releasing an upgraded port of Final Fantasy IX, on phone and steam, which is considered by fans to be one of the best FF titles released. Understandably, it has many fans excited. We haven’t been given very much information on the release, other than a few game features.


 “To be forgotten is worse than death”

Three features that’ll be in the game, that we know of are as follows:

Active Time Battle; this is listed as a battle system that “allows you to fight enemies in real time”

Active Time Events; This allows you to “Take a closer look at the world around you”, meaning you can see events going on in different places in the world.

These were both in the original FFIX, but this port is adding some other features as well, some of which are new. These are features such as high-definition graphics, new achievements, auto save and a high speed mode.

The developers are emphasising that the game is easy to pick up wherever you go. Time will tell if this is case, as many fans are likely hoping.

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