Pokemon Go! What to Expect

Pokemon Go 
Pokemon Go 1
As time passes it seems more and more keeps getting announced on Pokemon Go, a exciting new game developed by Niantic that blew the the dreaded feeling we as consumers felt when Nintendo announced they were stepping into the mobile gaming side of business (Hopefully i’m not the only one that felt we were going to be plagued with the classic NES/SNES emulation route). This iOS and Android design is the very first approach to a  augmented reality that is going to offer everything we’ve ever wanted with a pokemon experience.
It’s clear that Niantic is taking it’s time to fine tune this one-of a-kind game, and who can blame them with the release of Pokemon Z coming soon, they are going to need be working hard to pull off this ambitious project but they definitely have the capital backing up the idea. Pokemon Go 4Pokemon GO  has three major contributors pouring money into this goldmine, Google, Pokemon Company and Nintendo collectively have put $30 million dollars into the development of this game so you can say their is plenty to play with consider Google also has Google Glass (optical head mounted display, basically glasses that let you browse the web) we can see some really in depth ideas being explored. A formidable team of 41 developers backed by Google and Nintendo’s wallet should give birth to something beautiful. What we learned so far from interviews with Niantic’s Chief Marketing officer Mike Quigley and CEO John Hanke and what has been leaked online-
Pokemon Go 2
⦁ The game is controlled by a device is called a Pokemon Go Pulse Device, which can be worn like a watch or a clip option will be available. It will sense when pokemon are near (it has been indicated that within 5 minutes of activating a game you’ll encounter a pokemon) and begin vibrating and flashing. By using a button sequence you will be able to capture a Pokemon and view it later using the app on your smart phone. You won’t be forced to continually have your phone out to play which cures alot of people’s worry about data usage spiking.
⦁ There are going to be a number of events that are going to let people trade Pokemon across different regions. You won’t be able to fully complete a Pokedex without TRAVELING THE WORLD
⦁ Pokemon will appear in different parts and regions of the world. Water Pokemon will be located around water sources will other various types will be found in around their respective elemental properties. Rare Pokemon will appear for limited time frames but will be tradeble to those who missed the opportunity to catch it.
Pokemon Go 3
⦁ Gyms will be available as well but may be limited experience. What was revealed was that it would be a great chance for trainers to battle and level up their pokemon and would lead way to competitive events for trainers to participate in.
Pokemon Go is going to have a great deal of expectations from players of all generations and if pulled off correctly it could be bigger that all of it’s predecessors that has came before it.  With some big names and a solid team backing it only time will be the ultimate judge whether this game hits the top or falls and flops.
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