Brittney Brombacher: An Interview to Help You

Today we bring you our interview with Brittney Brombacher, the founder of, and a wonderful person to talk to. Having met her, even for just a little bit of time, we were able to chat, and have some fun. We wish all people were this nice about doing interviews! We at Gamers Pantheon hope that you will give her the time, and check out some of her videos, which is always good for a laugh.

Brittney Brombacher

GP – In an industry that is considered dominated by males, what is the hardest part of being a gaming woman in the industry?

Brittney – I wouldn’t say there’s anything “hard” about being in this industry for me, personally, as a female. That said, there are some frustrating aspects, such as when I’m told I don’t know anything BECAUSE of my gender, or that I should get “back in the kitchen,” etc.

All that said, though, men in this industry go through scrutiny as well, but for different reasons. I always tell people it’s never easy putting yourself out there – on the internet – regardless of your gender, because someone, somewhere, will find a ridiculous reason to try and shit on you. But you have to do your very best to not to let that affect you.


GP – How did you get into gaming? What’s your favorite game and/or series?

Brittney – My grandma got me into gaming! Growing up she was always playing something, and I loved doing nothing but sitting and watching her. (In fact, she influenced a TON of our family members to start gaming, and now we’re one big happy gaming family. Ha!)

My favorite game and/or series…ummmmfff this is difficult. My favorite series would probably be that of Zelda’s, but there are other series I hold just as near and dear: Resident Evil, Harvest Moon, Dragon Age, etc.

GP – I met you at Pax South; do you enjoy going to all the cons and being on the “woman of gaming” boards?

Brittney – OH HAAAY! 😀 YES. I love love LOVE travelling to conventions – I love meeting new people in the industry, finally being able to put faces to names, running into old friends, etc. The atmosphere of conventions is electric, and there’s always something going on. It’s like taking a room and shoving tens of thousands of your very best friends into it.

As for being on the “woman of gaming” panels, I get immense pleasure from helping out folks (both male and female) who want to break into the industry but are holding themselves back. I feel like those panels give me a platform to tell my story and hopefully influence others to make a leap of their own.

GP – Have you had any backlash from being a gaming female?

Brittney – Oh, sure. I wouldn’t call it “backlash,” though – I’d say I’ve received “nonsense comments from strangers on the internet who don’t mean anything to me.”

GP – What is one series you wish would make a comeback?

Brittney – BREATH OF FIRE HOLY SHIT. The latest iterations have just been…well, they haven’t made me happy. Also, Dark Cloud 3 needs to be a thing made ASAP. Ugh, and Red Dead Redemption.



Oh. I just noticed you said “one” series. WOOPS.

GP – What is your favorite item in your rather large collection?

Brittney – Oh man, I’d have to say my Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter’s Edition. I treat that thing as if it were a living, breathing child.

GP – Do you have any tips for women that want to get into the gaming industry? 

Brittney – Sure! These tips apply to all genders. First, make sure you push yourself to make content every single day. Doesn’t matter if you feel like it or not, just pump out work. It might not be the best, and you might not be happy with it, but we all have to start somewhere. Second, get on social media. Create a Twitter account and a Facebook page – you know what? I made a video about this! This will do a much better job than my words!


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