Mystery Of The Following

Dying-Light-The-Following-5-1280x720Techland have released a new trailer for their upcoming Dying Light expansion, The Following, and provides an insight into the story of the dlc. And at first glance, it would seem that Techland enjoy keeping us on our toes.

The trailer shows various cinematic clips, with an unknown figure voicing over as the clips pass by. The male voice talks about a mysterious prophet, who will pass the trials of the God of Sun, who will then reveal themselves to this prophet and speak through them (I’d put money on us being this prophet). We see images of new locations we’ll likely be able to explore, and an image of the possible Sun God themselves.


When giving a statement, Tymon Smektala, the producer, he said “In the expansion, we’re aiming for a bit of a different mood to the story…We all love some old good mystery, whether it’s X-Files or Twin Peaks, so that’s an element we’re introducing to our world in Dying Light: The Following.”

Judging from what we’ve seen so far, Techland have certainly nailed that on the head. The Following dlc will be released on February 9th, for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Let us know your opinions on the dlc, and on the game itself below. As a big fan of Dying Light, I’m looking forward to adventuring in this new area and unravelling the mystery that surrounds it.

Watch the trailer here:

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