Don’t miss your last chance to play and win big

Bethesda studios is coming back with a fiery vengeance with Elder Scrolls Online: Tamirel Unlimited, and their doing it in a big way.


“It’s so inspiring to see fans share–with us and the community–their favorite reasons for playing,” game director Matt Firor said. “We’re excited to now share something with one of them!”


On December 3rd during the 2015 Game Awards they announced that up until January 10th players will have a chance to win a million dollars just by playing ESO and share their experience of playing the game. It sounds like their conquest of a campaign called “Million Reasons to Play” is on a full frontal assault with back up of 3 million crowns being handed out to 1,000 second place winners. All entries have to be in by tonight to be valid with a winner being announced on Monday, February 1, 2016.


PSN- Job_for_a_Cody

XBL- xI am Omega

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