Madowl Games- A look behind Hex Defender


Today we sit down with the Rory Busby, half the mastermind behind Mad0wl Games, a studio located in the U.K. A ambitious mind that has already released several albums with his band Actions to Onslaught, he’s not only making a buzz with the gaming world but also within the metal scene and has been for the last several years.

GP- First and foremost i’d like to thank you for this opportunity on behalf of Gamers Patheon to sit down and discuss the behind the scenes of game development. I noticed on your twitter the eye catching tower defense game called Hex Defender, how has that been coming along for you?

Rory- Hex Defender has been an awesome project. I had this idea for a tower defense game where the towers weren’t just fixed in 1 spot and I wanted to create more of a hands on strategy type aspect so you weren’t simply adding a turret and waiting for your turrets to deal with the enemies, and that’s where the colors come in to play.

GP- What drew you to the tower defense genre and the concepts you used within the game?

Rory- Really I can’t remember, I think one day I was looking at a hexagon and thought it would be cool to place turrets on the corners and it organically became a tower defense game.


GP- What system will this be releasing for?

Rory- Initially Android and IOS. I have thought if the game would work on PC but i think players willingness to play such a small game on PC isn’t there.

GP- What makes Hex Defender better than any game in it’s genre?

Rory- Being better than other peoples games isn’t what we want to do, making a game no matter how big and small is such a labor of love, id hate to say we are better than other peoples hard work. I would say it’s different to most tower defense games where in the turrets aren’t fixed and you must match the color of the turrets with the colors of the enemy ships.


GP- All major game developers have all had a dream or ambition within gaming that got them started when they first began, what was the defining moment that you decided to start developing games?

Rory- I think its more a love of games and gaming. Its such an art form and can bring so many emotions to almost everyone. It would feel great to have people enjoy any game that we made.

GP- Often I read about developers having to really cram to make deadlines or to get a game out on a release date, have you ever dealt with problems that delayed your progress?

Rory- Yes, we are currently racing to get the game finished so we can enter it in a couple indie and mobile game competitions. Racing for deadlines isn’t fun or ideal but we are confident we will have it done, the difficult part of the project is over now.

GP- After Hex Defender is released what are your future plans within the gaming world?

Rory- We have another full game design ready to start which will be a larger project. At the moment the working title is “Horde”. In short its a zombie/infected game but with a difference. We should be able to show some concepts in the coming months.


Rory and the other half of Madowl Games, Tony Cvjetkovic, are working hard to get Hex Defender out early 2016. Backed by a futuristic soundtrack composed by Daniel Reid from No Consequence and artwork by Jamie Flack of Cat and Crown Art, Hex Defender is sure to take the mobile market by storm.



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