Earth Defense Force 4.1: How does it rank up to our standards?

EDF 1The other her day I went to my local Game Stop to do some light window shopping when I saw this somewhat intriguing game. It was a NIS creation so, I thought to myself this could be pretty good or a complete waste of time and money. From what I could see the game looked rather good decent concept, good artwork, well written manual, overall it looked as if they took their time to release a decent game for the PS4.

As with all games I buyEDF 3, I rushed home and slapped it in the PS4 and started playing. The character selection screen got me amped and ready to play. The actual characters to choose from seemed interesting and gave me some hope for the game. The graphics throughout the loading screens also gave some promise that this could be a solid hidden gem that I could delve into for hours.

This is where it got frosty and I am not talking Wendy’s. The graphics inside the game seemed lackluster at best, they lacked some kind of finesse that would have made this game a little more tolerable. The Controls were blah, they left little room for skill and more of a mindless SHMUP that not only has a boring story, gameplay and graphics, but lacks even the slightest bit of strategy.

The story seemed rushed and thrown together, there was no room to let the imagination grow. The enemies were lame and lacked any form of decent in game intelligence to make the game difficult in any means. I also found the in game weapon drops to be broken, you can go a level and pick up 15 weapon boxes and 20 armor boxes and get neither after the level is completed.

Gameplay – 40

EDF 2Graphics – 60

Story – 20

Controls – 40

Overall Rating – 40

The game just blows, one of the worst PS4 games I have played to date and will venture to say it will be one of the worst PS4 games overall. It seems rushed and needed to have a little more time put into it and maybe even some form of quality control to tell the team they need to work a little harder. This game is however the successor to a PSP game and it shows.  EDF 4


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