20 Years of Pokemon: Celebrating with a 3DS package

Pokemon is now 20 years old, and that’s crazy to think about. Such a simple game has brought years of enjoyment to everyone from your 5 year old niece to your 70 year old grandfather. Pokemon is so simple, that it makes it fun. Gotta collect them all!

pokemon 3ds 2

Nintendo is celebrating the 20th anniversary with a Pokemon themed 3Ds, which will feature two cover plates, one for each version of the game, along with an exclusive 3DS home screen theme. The games will be pre-installed on the devices.

Along with the 3DS we will be seeing Pokemon have its first ever Super Bowl commercial, which airs on February 7, 2016 (Go Patriots).

2016 will also bring us 12 animated films which will be available on different media mediums, such as Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes. We will also see a restocking of Jigglypuff, Charizard, Lucario, Greninja amiibos at select retails.

Among all of this, we also see Pokken Tournament on the WiiU and Pokemon Go on iOS and Android.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, 2016 will make you extremely happy!

pokemon 3ds bundle


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